walkthedead 43

Nov 2020
My wife has been going to see Dr Munk for about 2 years now. Since her first transfusion I have seen an absolute 180° turn around with her depression and anxiety. I really appreciate Dr Munk, he is a great Dr and a great guy.

Jenny Laird

Oct 2020
Desert Ketamine Clinic and Dr Munk have been caring for me for a year and a half now and it has changed my life forever. I came to Dr Munk extremely hopeless and suicidal. I have been dealing with mental health issues for over 20 years …More

Morganne Baum

Aug 2020
Great place and compassionate doctor. Ketamine therapy has really helped my depression and anxiety. Series of several treatments was best for me so expect more than one visit but worth it! All safety precautions taken, clean safe office …More

Lauren Nihan

Aug 2020

serg momi

July 2020

Tambra Momi

June 2020
This is the safest facility I’ve had the experience of going to. Dr. Munk is so friendly and thorough. Love this place and has helped my pain up to 90%!

Brian Mong

Jan 2020
Dr. Munk is a phenomenal doctor and has changed my life for the better. He is an extremely caring physician. I would recommend seeing him if you are in need of some help!

Marla Steenson

Jan 2020
Gratitude for Dr. Munk and NAD +. I had no Idea that I didn’t have to live with brain fog and that sluggish feeling. I’d forgotten what my normal should feel like. The second day after my + NAD I felt like a kid again: Fresh and bright with …More

Gayle Speizer

Nov 2019
Dr. Munk is a compassionate physician with a beautiful office. Would highly recommend

Kelly Mcconnachie

Danielle McMahon

Nov 2019

DeAnna W.

I’ve lived with severe depression for what has felt like my entire life. No medications have helped me and talk-therapy can only do so much. Ketamine therapy gave me my life back. I can’t describe what it felt like the first day I woke up and didn’t immediately regret not dying in my sleep. I’ve been doing this therapy for 4 months and it’s been so bizarre to experience life with fewer debilitating symptoms. I think I spend the majority of my time happy now, and that honestly took some getting used to. When things start feeling more difficult, I let them know and they get me in for another appointment typically within the next few days. Doctor Munk, in particular, has been amazing. He has a very calming way of speaking and carrying himself that always makes the infusions feel safe and easier. I can not recommend this treatment enough to those fortunate enough to afford it. I’m hoping that, someday, everyone that is suffering will have the chance to try this. Thank you for helping me feel human again!


[ . . . ] My wife is going on her 6[th] treatment. The progress is incredible. [ . . . ]
I highly recommend the treatment. After so many years of[ ] using different pills and medications. Thank you [ . . .] for mak[ing] us feel better and happier!

Sophia D.

[ . . . Dr.] Munk [is] professional, yet caring and attentive to me as a patient. I feel very comfortable speaking openly with [him] and never judged or misunderstood. The treatment itself has changed my life after two decades of struggling to find a solution without negative side effects and that actually works. The office has a coziness to it and is always kept clean. I highly recommend them.

Very effective treatment, wonderful Dr.’s and staff. Clean and comfortable office. This has been a huge game changer for my life.

Mandy T.

Thank you Dr. Munk [ . . . ] for giving me my life back! I highly recommend trying this treatment. I have tried countless med combos and endured several hospital stays relating to suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I have done the initial 6 visits and feel amazing! Worth every penny. I will see how well I do and for how long to consider maintenance. Super grateful to have found this place and will tell anyone I think it could help all about it.

Seat Junky

[ . . . ] The product worked great for me within the first 30 day period I was using it. NAD from them is the way to go if you have aliments and want to feel better on a day to day basis. The office is very soft and comfortable as well. Finding honest doctors is a GEM. These guys are them. I can not thank them enough.

Stephanie S.

Amazed at the results I had in just 30 days on the NAD tablets. The office is warm and very comforting. The doctors explained everything and helped me understand what was available. I had been having issues with muscles and going to PT on a regular basis until I start[ed] the NAD. It is a miracle [ ] how it made me feel and look.

Todd B.


Scott S

Dr. Munk [ . . . is a] compassionate care provider who listens with a focus on understanding and provides treatment customized to each patient. The clinic environment is always calm, professional, and supportive – elements that are crucial to successful treatment and recovery.

Avis R.

After sustaining TBI from a military training accident 20 years ago, I eventually started suffering from the brain trauma with minor seizures, anxiety, depression, and eventually agoraphobia. [ . . .] I started reading about ketamine as a successful safe alternative to tons of prescription drugs. Searching locally I found [ . . . The] clinic and what an amazing find it was. Ms. Veda assisted with all clinic requirements with the utmost care and professionalism and Doctor[ ] Munk [ . . . was] so very awesome, too. They [ . . . ] took their time explaining what to expect, the procedure, and known effects and results. I have to say that everything they told me was the absolute truth and changed my life and my entire world. They and ketamine are my new life saving heroes! Amazing!!

Kim C.

[ . . . ] Dr. Munk [is] the most compassionate and caring physician[ ] I’ve ever encountered. The treatments have improved the quality of my life. I can’t thank them enough! [ . . . ] They have helped me more than words can express. I now know that you don’t have to go day after day being depressed. There is hope. It can’t hurt to call for a consultation. Thank you to the Doctor[ ] and staff for taking such excellent care of me.

Bijan E.

I have tried almost every anti-depressant medication available. Nothing seems to have the magic of ketamine and it feels great not relying on a daily cocktail of pills. Dr. Munk [ . . . checks] in with me about my symptoms each time I come in. [ . . . He is a] compassionate physician[ ] who honestly want[s] to see [his] patients improve.

Vickie S.

I love this place. Kindest most compassionate staff I’ve encountered on my journey. After 4 treatments I feel more hope and peace than I’ve ever had. These guys are awesome. Highest review possible.

[ . . . ] These folks are really concerned about the patients’ recovery and well being. [They] regularly checked in with me and worked hard to individualize my treatment. After a lifetime of worsening depression I feel this treatment has helped more than anything. My thanks [ . . . ] for all you do.

Ketamine therapy has changed my view about treatment resistant depression. Dr. Munk [ . . . is] the most compassionate [person] I’ve met dealing with this lifelong illness. I’m forever grateful to have found them.
Their front desk person is amazing. All of them made a scary experience pleasant!


Dr. Munk [ . . is] the most caring and understanding physician[ ] that [has] ever treated me. They genuinely care about their patients. [ . . . The] clinic has improved my quality of life so much that it’s hard to put into words. If you have any doubts or questions don’t delay, call them for a consultation. I will be forever grateful.

John B.

[ . . . ] Incredibly compassionate and even empathetic. They definitely care about results their patients obtain with either ketamine infusions or NAD treatments. The treatment process is results driven. We’ve never felt pushed to do more treatments than we’re necessary. The best part though, other than watching a loved one emerge from a depressive funk, is their availability. If we ever felt a booster treatment was needed these doctors are as flexible as any professionals I’ve ever seen. They are always happy to help, and they treat patients in a very comfortable setting. I’d definitely recommend [ ] to anyone struggling with depression and their meds aren’t working the way they should.

S. B.

I would really like to thank you [ . . . ] for all the help that you have given me with the treatment… You guys have given me the one thing that I have lacked for almost two decades, and that is hope.


We are so happy that [ . . . the] clinic is here in Vegas. It helped my mom tremendously. The staff is friendly and works with each patient based on needs.


[ . . . The] clinic helped my depression and anxiety symptoms a lot more than the pharm medicines my Psychiatrist prescribed me. It is really helpful and the staff are friendly, nice, and knowledgeable. This helped me more than anything else that was prescribed to me and I am glad that my symptoms are a lot more manageable now. Thank you.


I wanted to send you a quick note expressing my gratitude for the role you’ve played in supporting my mental health this year.


After trying many traditional therapies & medications for my debilitating depression and anxiety with little to no relief, [ . . . the] clinic has helped me find my drive to get put of bed in the morning, to get back to work, and to actually enjoy my life again. I’d been depressed for so long, I’d forgotten just how wonderful it is to smile! Thank you

Taylor R.


Valerie L.

[ . . . ] Staff are very understanding, thoughtful, and concerned about what you have to say. Treatments are very easy and observed throughout the process.

Scott S.

[ . . . This] has been a lifesaving resource for me. The infusions have given me a means to combat my treatment resistant depression and get back to living. [ . . . ] Dr. Munk [is one] of the most compassionate and caring doctors I have ever met, and their quality of service is outstanding. If you are considering ketamine as a treatment for depression, I strongly urge you to call [ . . . and] experience care at its finest.

Tirza W.

I have seen incredible results and attentive much needed care and support from Dr.Munk. It’s been immensely therapeutic in [a] way that years in a psychiatrist office and on all kinds of medications have not been. I highly recommend this route for treatment resistant depression and anxiety. It has been a wonderful road and I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend going through the initial series and booster shots. Totally changed my mood and perspective on life itself. Wonderful and caring physician and five star treatment.

Nicholas L.

If you are on the fence about what these gentlemen do, please read this. In August 2017, I made an attempt on my life. I was taking 6mg of xanax a day, coupled with a half a pint of vodka. Life was suffering, and I was tired of it. At the tender age of 22, on my birthday, I decided to try and take my own life. After consuming 12 xanax bars and drinking a whole fifth of vodka, I was ready to go (as in leave the planet). I woke up in a hospital bed three days later. There was a 50/50 chance I would come out alive, but thankfully, I made it. During my stay at Summerlin Hospital, my father kept going on and on about this “Ketamine” treatment. Having tried almost everything, I was extremely dismissive of the whole thing, but I loved my Dad. I decided to give it a go, and it was LIFE CHANGING!!!! I quit using all drugs THAT DAY after my first treatment. Today, I am proud to say that I am apart of a nationally ranked jazz band, Honors Society, and a full time student at UNLV. Dr. Munk [ . . is] not only extremely bright, but they’re caring people who I am pleased to call dear family friends. They care about their patients, and that’s what matters most to me.

Wayan G.

Dr. Munk [ . . . is] the best sort of physician[ ] (and I’ve seen a ton of them) – they actually care and take the time to help you maximize your “whole you” health, in addition to the amazing cutting-edge treatments they offer for depression and addiction.

I would give them 50 stars if [ . . ] allowed me, these guys have been there for me consistently whenever I needed them and are very easy regarding scheduling.

I can’t speak to other conditions, but if your “regular” healthcare provider(s) just have you popping pill after pill after pill and your depression still sucks, give a ketamine infusion a try. I waited too long after learning about it to try because I was put off by all the propaganda and negativity (horse tranquilizer, club drug “K”, etc). However, then I learned that the dose used in their procedures is a tiny fraction of what a recreational consumer would typically use and that allayed my fears.