After going through traditional treatment for addiction & detox, most former addicts struggle with their newfound sobriety. For some, the withdrawal symptoms may last for months or even years. This protracted withdrawal period can be associated with psychological and physiological changes in the body. Changes in mood, including depression & anxiety may occur. Some may constantly worry about the possibility of a relapse. Others may miss the friends or lifestyle they have left behind. They may have trouble sleeping, difficulty in social situations, or a loss of interest in sex or other pleasurable activities. Additionally, former addicts may complain of body aches and pains, nausea, cramping, fatigue, or other physical symptoms.

Cravings for alcohol and drugs is a big component of PAWS. Sometimes weeks or months after detox and resolution of acute withdrawal issues, addicts may develop cravings for their drug of choice. If this course of action is taken relapse will surely occur.

It is unclear why these symptoms occur in former addicts. Most theories relate to the long term wear and tear that substance abuse has on the body. Changes in brain and body chemistry may underlie the slow resolution for many patients.

Individual and group therapy (ie. 12 step program) is an important part of maintaining a life of sobriety. The understanding, help, and guidance from other recovering addicts can not be understressed. Desert Ketamine Clinic can give you referrals for local Henderson and Las Vegas therapists as well as meeting times for recovery groups.

Fortunately, for many, Ketamine and NAD+ infusions may help those suffering from PAWS to rapidly improve. It is another tool to aid in your continued recovery. Ketamine has been shown to quickly lower cravings in those struggling with maintenance of sobriety. It also helps to quickly improve you mood as depression and anxiety subside. Additionally, NAD+ can provide your body with the tools to maintain levels of neurotransmitters and repair your body on a cellular level. It replenishes vital brain nutrients that have been depleted by substance abuse.

Typical Course of Treatment

Infusions of NAD+ and Ketamine are administered in a beautiful and relaxing, medical setting directly by Dr. Munk at Desert Ketamine Clinic.

A small IV is placed and the infusion begins.  Clients are able to relax, lean back in a comfortable chair, and close their eyes.  They may opt to read a book, watch TV, or browse the internet on our Wi-Fi connection.  Depending on your individualized dosing schedule, infusions typically last two hours.  Vital signs are monitored periodically to ensure a smooth and safe experience.

Subsequent infusions are administered over the course of one or two weeks. Typically 4-6 infusions are needed to provide the best results. After this initial series of infusions, clients can then return as needed for single “booster infusions”. These follow-up infusions typically occur monthly or quarterly if symptoms of PAWS recur.