PTSD patients badly need a new solution for their suffering. Most of the currently used antidepressant SSRI medications only offer about a 10% reduction in the symptoms of PTSD. Combat related symptoms are especially difficult to treat by traditional means.

PTSD is thought to be the result of damaged connection points between neurons called “synapses”. Ketamine acts to remodel these broken connections or grow new connections via the actions of Glutamate. Glutamate is the largest neruotransmitter in the brain and its activity is increased by Ketamine therapy.

Desert Ketamine Clinic recommends an initial series of six infusions over a two-week period. These infusions are usually spaced out to ensure a day or two in-between each infusion. Following the initial treatment series, patients then enter the maintenance phase of treatment where they return as needed for single “booster” infusions. These single infusions usually follow a predictable pattern of frequency that varies from patient to patient. The positive effects may last 3 weeks to 3 months before a booster is required.

Please see our Ketamine Therapy section of this website for what to expect during an actual treatment.

Many of our PTSD patients also find significant benefit from NAD+ therapy. This important enzyme is thought to be largely depleted in those suffering from PTSD. After NAD+ infusions, patients report a significant lessening of anxiety, improved energy levels, a better sleep/wake cycle, and an increased level of mental clarity and focus. NAD+ can be administered as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with Ketamine.