As we age, our bodies begin to lose their youthful function. We may suffer from aches and pains. We begin to lack energy. Our mental clarity and sharpness is not what it once was. Chemical stressors, Inflammation and DNA damage take their toll.

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a very important co-enzyme found naturally in all of our bodies. It is involved in many important chemical reactions that keep our bodies functioning. It helps in the production of ATP which is the energy molecule used by our cells. It helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle, allowing for more regular and restful sleep. NAD+ decreases inflammation in the body. It regulates neurotransmitter levels, boosting our mood and sense of wellbeing. It assists in DNA repair and healing. It promotes longevity. Unfortunately scientists have found that levels of NAD+ begin to wane after age 40. The consumption of this important co-enzyme outpaces its production in our bodies.

Fortunately, NAD+ infusions help to mitigate the effects of aging by providing our cells with the necessary tools to keep the body in optimum condition. Patients report improved energy levels, better sleep, increased mental clarity and focus, lessening of depression and anxiety, less aches and pains, and smoother skin. We have even had reports of increased libido!

Typically patients will initially require several NAD+ infusions grouped closely together followed by sublingual NAD+ tablets for maintenance therapy. Patients usually return periodically for monthly or quarterly “booster” infusions to maintain the positive effects.