At Desert Ketamine Clinic, patients are given a private infusion room. They receive direct physician care and vital sign monitoring before and after treatment. For those with underlying cardiac or respiratory conditions, we may employ continuous vital sign monitoring.

Following placement of a small IV in the hand or arm, the infusion is started or the injection is administered. Usually the lights are dimmed and soft relaxing spa music is played. Some patients prefer to watch mandalas or relaxing nature scenes on our big screen TV’s in each treatment suite. Other patients just close their eyes and meditate. Of course a family member or friend is welcome to sit in the treatment suite and quietly observe if desired. We have comfortable reclining chairs for both the patient and their guest.

Typically the first infusion is at a moderate dose as we introduce the patient to the Ketamine experience. Subsequent infusions are titrated to produce both a smooth and well tolerated experience and ensure the medication dosage produces the best possible treatment outcome. Many patients report entering a dreamlike state of “dissociation” during the treatment. There may be various colors or shapes seen. You may feel yourself floating or sinking into the chair.

During the infusion, you will have a slight increase in your rate of breathing. Your heart rate and blood pressure will also moderately increase. You will be aware of your presence in the treatment suite and will be able to communicate with the staff of Desert Ketamine Clinic, however your mind will also be tuned simultaneously to an alternate reality. Many patients have found this experience to be very relaxing, almost like an escape from the conditions that brought them to the clinic. Some patients do not like the mind-altering component of the treatment, however they have learned to tolerate the experience, as they have found dramatic improvement in their symptoms subsequent to treatment.

At the end of the prescribed treatment time, all of the dissociative effects of the Ketamine infusion quickly leave and you will be able to walk out of the clinic and have a family member or friend drive you home. Some of our patients take Uber/Lyft after an additional 20 min of recovery time. You WILL NOT be able to drive yourself home.

Following the infusion, patients usually have something light to eat and may take a nap or go to bed an hour early. After a nights rest, you will be able to drive and attend school or work as usual. Typically, infusions can be scheduled afternoons, evenings, and on weekends so that during a course of treatment you will not have to miss school or work.